Update: Ver. 1.0 BETA is now live!

The Version 1.0 BETA for Bug Catch Kingdom - Memories of July is now availabe for download! Thank you all for your paitence and I apologize for the lack of updates! To make up for it I've added 2 new zones + 4 types of bugs:

In addition I've added:

  • A prototype of the stamina system. 
  • Exchange Shop - Give your bugs to Tentou, Ari and Mimizu in exchange for PTS (more bugs to be added to the exchange list)
  • Bait System - Compost, Fresh Leaves, Nectar and Gnats attract different types of bugs.
  • A Tutorial Zone for testing out the Bait System!
  • 2 New Zones to make grinding for rare bugs easier. Dragonflies are the rarest bug type.
  • Some dialogue for Tentou, Ari and Mimizu... it's a WIP so don't judge me too harshly. LOL. XD

Still working on cutscenes, dialogue and bug fixes so expect some more updates mostly character face/menu graphics (the menu screen is incomplete) and event fixes.

And that's all! I hope you all enjoy the game and please let me know in the comments section if you have any feedback, questions, suggestions or bug reports!  


Bug Catch Kingdom - Memories of July [BETA] WINDOWS.zip 47 MB
55 days ago
Bug Catch Kingdom - Memories of July [BETA] MAC.zip 48 MB
55 days ago
Bug Catch Kingdom - Memories of July [BETA] LINUX.zip 52 MB
55 days ago

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