UPDATE: 1.0 Features + Release Date

Bug Catch Kingdom: Memories of July  will be released on Saturday 9/30/17 it's a bit late but,  this way it will be at least playable from beginning to end. I started a bit late this so it's very unpolished and I didn't get to do EVERYTHING I wanted to do. But, I did my best to make it entertaining and retro as possible. :)

As of today I'm about 75% done with the game at this point and I have a good feeling you guys are gonna love it!

My progress so far:

  • Finished Tonbo's sprite/walk cycle
  • Finished and animated all 10 bugs + 2 extra bugs.
  • Added 4 types of bait + 5 types of snacks
  • Added a Tutorial Zone

What to expect by/on Friday:

  • A new logo!
  • Menu background.
  • Mimizu, Ari and Tentou's sprites 
  • 80's-90's NOSTALGIA FEELS
  • Minor bug/audio fixes.

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